Ear cropping

Ear cropping is a barbaric practice that involves cutting puppies’ ears at a very young age to change their appearance, often by simply cutting pieces of the ears off.

Whilst it is illegal to crop a dog’s ears, cropped dogs are starting to appear on our streets more frequently.

The problem

There is a growing demand for the ‘look’ of cropped ears on dogs in the UK, like some celebrities, sports stars and other influential figures seem to be promoting, normalising, and glamorising a certain ‘look’, without any concern for a dog’s welfare. Similarly, some of these dogs are imported into the UK from overseas, where ear cropping is not outlawed, which can encourage a market for puppies that have been subjected to this cruel and unnecessary practice.

The law currently permits the importation of dogs who have undergone the procedure in countries where it remains legal.

The Kennel Club's view

The Kennel Club has always been against ear cropping and banned dogs with cropped ears from our events over 100 years ago, so we are deeply concerned that this barbaric practice is becoming more widespread. We continue to work to support efforts to reduce the supply and demand for dogs with cropped ears in the UK, educate owners about the health and welfare implications for these dogs, and support restrictions on the importing of dogs with cropped ears.

How you can get involved

  •  Write to your local MP to raise dog-related welfare issues to the Government
  • If you suspect that someone is illegally carrying out ear cropping procedures in the UK, we recommend that you contact the relevant Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in your nation to report and discuss your concerns:
  • RSPCA – England and Wales
  • SSPCA – Scotland
  • USPCA – Northern Ireland
Contact The Kennel Club for further information.