As a dog owner, your dog's health should be one of your greatest priorities. Learn more about common health issues dogs may face in their lifetime, and information about health testing and screening for your dog. Also find out how, as a dog owner, you can help scientists with their research.
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Health issues in dogs

Our dogs depend on us to look after them. Learn more about common health issues found in dogs and the signs breeders and owners should watch out for.

Dog health issues
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Health testing and screening

Breeders and owners can screen their dogs for a number of different genetic conditions. Find out why health screening is important.

Testing & screening
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Breed health co-ordinators

Breed health co-ordinators (BHCs) work on behalf of breed clubs and councils. They advocate for their breed's health and welfare.

Breed health co-ordinators
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Find a health testing clinic

Health testing clinics offer health screening or DNA testing at events organised by breed clubs and veterinary associations. Find a clinic near you.

Find a clinic
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Help with research

We need owners and dogs to participate in research studies, to help scientists find solutions to dog health problems. Browse research projects that need your help.

How you can help